M20's CMB Technology

CMB technology reaches directly to the muscle

CMB (Core Muscle Booster) technology is a mid-low frequency muscle stimulation technology that M20 has improved and developed from the existing low frequency muscle stimulation technology. By improving the low penetration rate, which was a disadvantage of the existing low-frequency technology, the frequency signal reaches the muscle and effectively stimulates the muscle.

Unlike the existing low-frequency technology, which required an exercise motion because the frequency signal could not pass through the skin, the CMB signal directly stimulates the muscles without any exercise motion, eliminating the need for a separate exercise motion.

Benefits of CMB

Muscle workouts for everyone without joint damage!

The more you exercise your muscles, the more you damage your joints, but CMB exercises allow you to exercise your muscles without putting any strain on your joints. Even stroke victims, long-term hospitalized patients, extremely obese and physically handicapped people who are desperate to exercise their muscles and have difficulty moving their bodies can effectively exercise their muscles.

Mid/Low Frequency Comparison

Deeper, stronger

Existing products that use low frequency alone are limited by the inability of the frequency signal to penetrate the skin, causing the contraction relaxation effect to only reach the skin layer. CMB signals, on the other hand, use a combination of medium and low frequencies, allowing the low-frequency signals to reach deep into the muscles, effectively maximizing contraction relaxation, muscle building and strengthening effects.

Benefits of CMB Technology

CMB technology eliminates discomfort and enhances efficiency

- Directly stimulates core muscles with deeper signals than conventional electrical muscle stimulation (EMS exercise)
- No electric pain or discomfort due to signal penetration
- High intensity/high efficiency/short time exercise is possible, and muscle strengthening is possible without separate exercise
- Gentle on joints and muscles
- Effective in strengthening muscles with just 20 minutes a day

We will promote CMB technology so that everyone can enjoy muscle exercise, an essential part of a healthy life, without worrying about their joints

M20 will continue to research and develop so that everyone can conveniently enjoy a healthy life with our independently developed CMB technology