A win-win business that grows with our partners

M20 will succeed by focusing on providing services, not products.
We will continue to provide quality services to more users and share revenue with our partners to create a win-win business.

M20's partners are fitness centers, yoga, pilates, and anything else related to health.

Lease MYO

M20 leases MYOs to its partners to lower the risk of initial capital investment to encourage quick decision-making and expand the service network.

Revenue Sharing

It is a win-win business model where the user is charged for using the equipment and a percentage of the revenue is shared between the partner, the trainer and M20.

M20 aims to grow together with our partners.
  • Low risk, high return
    With free leasing, we lower the initial capital required to introduce new services.
  • How M20 and its partners grow together
    We provide various support programs such as training, events, etc. to help affiliates sell.
M20's services satisfy consumers
  • Fitness services available anytime, anywhere
    M20 lowers the barrier to entry for new consumers by providing an easy and quick service experience by simply visiting the nearest affiliate.
  • Fitness services integrated with advanced IT technology
    Reservations and payments can be made on the APP, consumers can make healthcare a way of life through body composition/body type analysis data, and centers can manage consumers' data more systematically to provide solutions.

M20's services can satisfy both customers and partners