"MYO HOME" Acquired FDA

M20's 'MYO HOME' is the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulator) producer in Korea to receive US FDA approval!

CMB Beyond EMS

How NASA astronauts work out!
Do you know zero gravity training?

In space, everything floats in zero gravity, so astronauts who are in space for a long time have faster muscle degeneration. So NASA develops EMS (low frequency) training to help astronauts exercise their muscles.

Here's a question.
Why can't we help our muscles by just being still?

After tens of thousands of hours of research,
M20 has developed a technology that gently penetrate into the muscle and help the muscle without moving!

How does it work without moving?
By sending 'low frequencies' within 'medium frequencies' to penetrate the muscles and trigger automatic strength training with direct contraction/relaxation.
In other words, no joint damage, no dumbbells, no movement, and strength training!
In the age of centenarians, build stronger muscles while protecting your precious joints with Mtwenty CMB technology



The CMB technology developed by M20 allows you to manage a variety of things.

EMS backed by research

By studying muscle preservation in coma patients and the effects of specific frequencies of exercise, we have proven the impact of EMS on muscle strength in papers.


All core technologies of M20 are independently researched, developed, and commercialized, and we will secure R&D capabilities through continuous investment.

Acquired FDA
CE Certified
EMS treatment device method for companion animal
Growth plate stimulation management system using biosignals and deep learning algorithms
Growth plate stimulation device
Sportswear that can provide electrical stimulation
Non-face-to-face health video training platform
EMS Health Care System
System for equalization of muscle stimulation between virtual influencer and user employing AI motion desetion and VR/AR
System for multi controlling generator of Electrical Muscle Stimulation employing Filed Programmable Gate Array
Marketing method using smart mirrors and golf coaching system
KC Certification Korea

Powerful CMB low and medium frequencies at home every day

Are you sure about your current home workout?
If you feel like there's something missing, it's time to meet MYO HOME.
Equipped with powerful CMB technology, MYO HOME will give you an intense training experience like never before.
CMB technology, try now!


Stronger muscles,
safer joints

Our Members' Success Stories

Challenge your body profile with M20!

Weight-2.5 / Muscle-0.3 / Fat-1.6
The best part is that you can get a lot of results in a short time of 20 minutes~!

Weight 72.6 ▶ 70.1
Muscle 28.4 ▶ 28.1
Fat 31.0 ▶ 29.4

Joe**'s 4 week change

Weight+0.3 / Muscle+3.1 / Fat-8.6
It's not boring, it doesn't hurt my joints, and my muscles become elastic in a short time, so my bodyline comes alive.

Weight 60.5 ▶ 60.8
Muscle 25.6 ▶ 28.6
Fat 25.3 ▶ 17.1

Park**'s change in 4 weeks

Weight-2.0 / Muscle+0.1 / Fat-2.1
It was good to see a great exercise effect in a short time in the house, and I want to continue.

Weight 77.3 ▶ 75.3
Muscle 31.8 ▶ 31.9
Fat 27.6 ▶ 25.5

Han**'s 4 Week Change

The sweat and hard work of 3000 members!

Even now, many members are working hard for a healthier body!

561kg Muscle Gain
842kg Fat loss
957kg Weight Loss


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M20 pursues a symbiotic business model that shares profits with partners

Partnership Agreement

M20's partners include all health-related businesses such as fitness centers, yoga, and Pilates

MYO Rental

We have reduced the initial cost burden through MYO rental. Don't hesitate anymore and choose MYO

Sustainable Revenue Structure

We continue to generate high revenue through a sustainable revenue structure. It is available for use on any equipment at partner locations


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IDEA 2022 Finalist Award

M20's MYO HOME has been recognized as a Finalist at the IDEA 2022 Design Awards in the United States, one of the world's most prestigious design awards

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