Innovations in Home Training

Why MYO HOME is the best for home training?

Full-length smart mirror with 27 touch display
Powerful mid-low frequency CMB (Core Muscle Booster) technology
Video content of 20 workout programs coached by CMB master trainers
Health information measurement function such as body composition measurement and skeletal balance measurement

The most unique home training device ever!

Home training like never before

Are you tired of just watching a screen and following along? MYO HOME combines powerful CMB technology for an unrivaled and powerful home training experience. Unparalleled performance, once you start, you can't stop.

One mirror, many functions

With 420 exercise courses and customized CMB workout videos for each course, anyone can easily and enjoyably do CMB workouts. Through body composition measurement and skeletal balance measurement, you can understand the health status of your body and create a healthy body with the exercise program recommended by MYO HOME.

A mirror that blends into the space

If you're not training for CMB, MYO HOME is a sleek full-length mirror that's sure to impress.Work out in front of MYO HOME and see yourself transformed!

Alone or Together
CMB Training

when you want to build muscle,
When you want to get slim,
or when your body is suffering from fatigue,
there are 20 different workout programs to suit your needs.

Add to that workout videos where a professional CMB Training Master will walk you through each frequency signal and exercise, and you'll never be alone.

MB Training at Home

No time for the gym?
Don't want to go to Pilates?
It's time to do CMB training at home

16 Major Muscles
every nook and cranny


Stimulates muscles in 16 important areas of the body with CMB signals.


You can make the desired area stronger or weaker, or even turn off the signal.


Once you set the signal strength for each area, MYO HOME remembers it, so you don't have to do it every time.


So you can see how your body is changing
CMB workouts aren't the only thing MYO HOME has to offer

With the body composition measurement function and skeletal balance measurement function, you can see at a glance how much your body has changed since you started exercising.

With the MYO APP, you can easily check your body's change history and manage your health. Install the MYO APP on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store now!


IDEA 2022 Finalist Award

MtuWenti's 'MYO HOME' has been awarded as a Finalist at the IDEA 2022 Design Awards in the United States, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.